Plowman (plou-man)

San Francisco based rapper Plowman delivers unique visuals coupled with hard-hitting bars that he’s officially deemed “Tech Rap.” Fans are taking notice with over one hundred thousand views on his last two music videos La Croix Boy and Tech Rap. From his vantage point as a programmer at Microsoft he paints life inside Silicon Valley. He captures it’s highs and it’s lows: rapping about how he’s a “Young. Rich. Programmer” in Brogrammer and then turning around and discusses gentrification and the homeless epidemic in Heart of the City. He’s looking forward to releasing his next single WFH about why you should work from home (everyone’s doing it). The accompanying music video will be shot … while he works from home. When he’s not in the studio, or banging out code, you can find him bumping G-Eazy or Russ on a run, on a yoga mat, or front row at a music festival dancing like nobody's watching.